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From Heaven With Love, Page 539

Chapter 85—By the Sea Once More

This chapter is based on John 21:1-22.

Jesus had appointed to meet His disciples in Galilee. Their absence from Jerusalem during Passover week would have been interpreted as disaffection and heresy. But this over, they gladly turned homeward to meet the Saviour as He had directed.

Seven of the disciples were in company. They were poor in worldly goods, but rich in the knowledge of the truth. For three years they had been taught by the greatest Educator the world has ever known. They had become intelligent and refined, agents through whom men might be led to a knowledge of the truth.

The disciples gathered in a place where they were not likely to be disturbed. Within sight was the beach where above ten thousand persons had been fed from a few small loaves and fishes. Not far distant was Capernaum, the scene of many miracles.

Peter, who still had much of his old love for boats and fishing, proposed that they go out on the sea and cast their nets. They were in need of food and clothing, which the proceeds of a successful night's fishing would supply. So they went out; but all night they toiled without success. Through weary hours they talked of their absent Lord. They questioned as to their own future, and grew sad at the prospect before them.

At length morning dawned. The boat was but a little way from shore, and the disciples saw a stranger standing on the beach, who accosted them with the question, “Children, have ye any meat?” When they answered, No, “He said unto them, Cast the net on the

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