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From Heaven With Love, Page 90

Chapter 15—Jesus Attends a Wedding

This chapter is based on John 2:1-11.

At a household gathering in a little Galilean village Jesus put forth His power to add joy to a wedding feast. Thus He showed His sympathy with men, and His desire to minister to their happiness. In the wilderness He Himself had drunk the cup of woe; He came forth to give to men the cup of blessing.

There was to be a marriage at Cana. The parties were relatives of Joseph and Mary, and Jesus with His disciples was invited.

Mary, His mother, had heard of the manifestation at the Jordan, at His baptism. The tidings had brought to her mind afresh the scenes that for many years had been hidden in her heart. Mary was deeply stirred by the mission of John the Baptist. Now his connection with Jesus kindled her hopes anew. She had treasured every evidence that Jesus was the Messiah, yet there came to her also doubts and disappointments. She longed for the time when His glory should be revealed.

Death had separated Mary from Joseph, who had shared her knowledge of the mystery of the birth of Jesus. Now there was no one in whom she could confide her hopes and fears. She pondered the words of Simeon, “A sword will pierce through thy own soul also.” Luke 2:35. With an anxious heart she awaited Jesus’ return.

At the marriage feast she met Him, the same tender, dutiful son. Yet He was not the same. His countenance bore traces of His conflict in the wilderness, and a new expression of dignity and power gave evidence of His

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