Ellen G. White Writings

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In Heavenly Places, Page 6

“In Heavenly Places”

Ephesians 2:6 HP 6

“In heavenly places”—can it be
This glorious promise is for me?
Raised up by Heaven's boundless might,
To sit with Christ in realms of light
          In heavenly places?
HP 6.1

O wondrous love, that paid the price
Redemption claimed, by sacrifice
Of God's own Son! What bitter cup
My Saviour drank to lift me up
          To heavenly places!
HP 6.2

Up from a life defiled by sin,
Washed in His blood, made pure within,
Robed in His righteousness, freed of blame,
Fitted to bear my Saviour's name
          In heavenly places.
HP 6.3

Joint heir with Christ, I sit with Him,
I walk and talk and work with Him;
Above this world, sin's battlefield,
I rest in Him, His truth my shield,
          In heavenly places—
            In Christ Jesus.
HP 6.4

—Bessie Mount HP 6

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