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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 129

surrender to him. Much of the time you will have to walk by faith, not by feeling.

I do not know but all present have infirmities of some kind upon them. If so, do not gratify the enemy by standing in the desk and telling of those infirmities; but talk of the mighty power of Christ to bless all who come unto him. Jesus lives. Move out by faith, and claim the promises of God. Do you not remember the woman that came behind Jesus and touched the hem of his garment and was made whole? Hers is the kind of faith that you need. Many have the casual touch, but there are few who are closely connected with Christ by living faith.

Wherever you are, however trying your circumstances, do not talk discouragement. The Bible is full of rich promises. Can you not believe them? When we go out to labor for souls, God does not want us to go a warfare at our own charges. What does this mean? It means that we need not go in our own strength, for God has pledged his word that he will go with us.

As workers, let us seek the Lord together. Of our own selves we can do nothing; but through Christ we can do all things. God intends that we shall be a help and blessing to one another, and that we shall be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. In the hour of our deepest trial, Jesus will be our “bright and morning star.” There is in life much sorrow of our own creating. Satan works up distrust and discouragement. But God lives and reigns; and he will give us all the help we need. It is our privilege at all times to draw strength and encouragement from his blessed promise, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Monday morning, September 21.

The Christian's Strength

“With the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:10.

According to this, there is something to believe, also something to confess. The heart must first accept the truth as it is in Jesus. This is the foundation of true religion. Conviction of sin then begins to be felt; the sin-sick soul, feeling his need of a physician, comes to Jesus of Nazareth for pardon. Taking up the warfare against the enemy, he looks to Jesus for strength to resist temptation. He watches unto prayer, and searches the Scriptures. The truths of the Bible are seen in a new and intensely interesting light, and the Spirit of God opens to him their solemn importance. He studies the life of Christ, and the more clearly he discerns the spotless purity of the Saviour's character, the less confidence he has in his own goodness; the more steadily and closely he views Jesus, the less he discovers of perfection in himself. His self-righteousness disappears, and he falls, all helpless and broken, upon the Rock, Christ Jesus. He will be sorely pressed by the tempter, and at times may have feelings of discouragement, and be tempted to think that God will not accept him; but, taking God at his word, and pleading his sure promises, he presses through the darkness into the clear sunlight of Christ's love.

“And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” If the heart is indeed the treasure-house of grace and the love of Christ, these will be expressed in the words and deportment. There will be a constant attraction to Christ. All will be tested; hence the need of divine grace, and of sound religious faith and principles. The lips

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