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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 159

Notes of Travel

By Mrs. E. G. White

From California to Switzerland

July 13, 1885, in company with W. C. White and his wife, and Sister Sarah McEnterfer, I left California on my long-contemplated journey to Europe. For months I had looked forward to this journey with anything but pleasure. To travel across the continent in the heat of summer and in my feeble state of health, seemed almost presumptuous. Since attending the State camp-meetings in 1884, I had suffered great mental weariness and physical debility. For months at a time I had been able to write but very little. As the appointed time for us to go drew near, my faith was severely tested. I so much desired some one of experience upon whom I could rely for counsel and encouragement. My courage was gone, and I longed for human help, one who had a firm hold from above, and whose faith would stimulate mine. By day and by night my prayers ascended to heaven that I might know the will of God and have perfect submission to it. Still my way was not made clear; I had no special evidence that I was in the path of duty or that my prayers had been heard.

About this time my son William visited Healdsburg, and his words were full of courage and faith. He bade me look to the past, when, under the most forbidding circumstances, I had moved out in faith, according to the best light I had, and the Lord had strengthened and supported. I did so; and decided to act on the judgment of the General Conference, and start on the journey, trusting in God. Bidding farewell to the friends in Healdsburg, I returned with my son to Oakland. Here I was invited to speak to the church Sabbath afternoon. I hesitated; but these words came to me with power, “My grace is sufficient for you,” and I consented. I then felt that I must seek God most earnestly, I knew that he was able to deliver in a manner that I could not discern. In thus trusting, my fears were removed, but not my weakness. I rode to the church and entered the desk, believing that the Lord would help me. While speaking, I felt that the everlasting arms were about me, imparting physical strength and mental clearness to speak the word with power. The love and blessing of God filled my heart, and from that hour I began to gather strength and courage. The next Monday I felt no hesitancy in stepping on board the cars en route for Michigan.

In this experience I learned over

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