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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 183

their hearts, to pray more, to have greater love for Jesus, and to seek more earnestly to save souls.

One brother said that when he listened to the sermon impressing upon them the necessity of purity and perfection of character, he felt that he could not be saved; that his case was hopeless. But when it was stated that sanctification was not the work of a moment, but of a lifetime, he was encouraged, and determined that day by day he would pray and watch, and search the Scriptures; he would be an overcomer, gaining an experience daily, until he should become strong, and be able to be a blessing to others. With many tears, some expressed their gratitude for the interest the American brethren had taken in them in this far-off country.

Evening Meetings

As the meeting-room occupied by our people was small, and at a distance from the central part of the city, it was thought best to secure for our Sunday and evening services a hall in a more favorable location, and one capable of accommodating a larger audience. It is difficult in Copenhagen, as in all the cities of Scandinavia, to obtain a suitable place for meetings. The halls are mostly used for dancing, concerts, and theatrical entertainments, and they are rented at a high price. After some effort, however, the brethren secured a hall which they assured us would meet the requirements. What was our surprise, upon going to the place for service, to find it in the basement of a building, in the upper stories of which were halls for dancing, and places for drinking. The room was large enough to accommodate two hundred persons, but contained seats for only half as many. It was quite damp, the moisture at times being plainly seen on the walls. One evening, while I was speaking, some young men from the drinking halls above, half intoxicated, gathered about the windows of our hall, and by loud talking and laughing endeavored to interrupt the meeting. They even thrust their heads through an open window, shouting into the room. If it is necessary to speak in such places, we will do so cheerfully. If in this rich and beautiful city there is no suitable room where the truth can be presented to the people, we remember that there was no room in the inn at Bethlehem for the mother of Jesus, and that the Saviour of the world was born in a stable.

There were some in the audience who seemed deeply interested, persons of talent whose countenances I remembered, for they had been presented before me. These persons had been pleasure-lovers, enshrouded in darkness and error, but God was permitting beams of light to shine upon them from his world. The arrows of the Lord were wounding the heart, that the sin-sick soul might turn to the great Physician. I felt such an intense interest while speaking to these souls that I lost sight of my surroundings; I felt that some were in the valley of decision, and I longed to see them take their stand fully and decidedly upon the side of Christ. The Saviour had purchased them by his blood, and he had given them precious talents of influence which they had wasted and abused, and given to the service of the Lord's bitterest enemy. Now there was an opportunity for them to change leaders, and to unite their interests with those of Christ's true workers.

As I spoke, I felt the peril of souls;

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