Ellen G. White Writings

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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 192

her terrible struggle against the papal armies during the thirty years’ war. The imperial forces had swept over the Protestant States of Germany, to the shores of the Baltic Sea, and were looking across its waters to a conquest which should extend the papal dominion over the countries of the North. The religion and the liberty of Christendom were on the point of being trodden out. For years the work of ruin had been going forward. Other nations looked on, but lifted no hand to interpose. Even England stood apart. And in Germany itself, some of the Protestant princes had so far lost the spirit of the Reformation that they contented themselves with appeals and protests, and lent no aid to their brethren struggling against such fearful odds.

Then it was that Gustavus II., the king of little Sweden, came to the deliverance of the oppressed nations. It was a herculean task which he had undertaken. With slender means and a small army he must encounter an enemy that possessed exhaustless resources and unnumbered forces. But faith that God, whose cause he was

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