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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 122

notwithstanding these were the special truths for that time. He first brought them down step by step over the promises that had been made of a Saviour, and over the prophecies that pointed him out. After dwelling upon these until the specifications were distinct in the minds of all, and they knew that they were to have a Saviour, he then presented the fact that this Saviour had already come. Christ Jesus fulfilled every specification. This was the “guile” with which Paul caught souls. He presented the truth in such a manner that their former prejudice did not arise to blind their eyes and pervert their judgment. HS 121.7

Brethren, you who go forth to labor for those who are bound in chains of prejudice and ignorance, need to exercise the same divine wisdom that Paul manifested. When you are laboring in a place where souls are just beginning to get the scales from their eyes, and to see men as trees walking, be very careful not to present the truth in such a way as to arouse prejudice, and to close the door of the heart to the truth. Agree with the people on every point where you can consistently do so. Let them see that you love their souls, and want to be in harmony with them so far as possible. If the love of Christ is revealed in all your efforts, you will be able to sow the seed of truth in some hearts; God will water the seed sown, and the truth will spring up and bear fruit to his glory. HS 122.1

Oh that I could impress upon all the necessity of laboring in the spirit of Jesus; for I have been shown that souls here in Europe have been turned away from the truth because of a lack of tact and skill in presenting it. In kindness and love seek to instruct those who oppose you. Preach the truth with the meekness of simplicity, remembering that it is not your words but the word of God which is to cut its way to the heart. There is danger, even in laboring among our churches, of leaving the great principles of truth and dwelling too much upon small, unimportant matters that create a fault-finding spirit among brethren. There are always those in the church and out who have not the love of Jesus in their souls, and who have, in the place of true religion, a criticising, exacting spirit, a desire to find something to condemn in their brethren and sisters. Such ones grasp eagerly at this kind of labor; but they do more harm than good, and should not be encouraged. HS 122.2

The third angel's message is infallible. Upon the grand, ennobling truths connected with that message you can dwell with perfect safety. Labor intelligently to encourage union of faith and union of judgment, that all may be united in the bonds of Christian fellowship and love; but do not belittle the work of God with ideas and notions of your own. Let not your ears listen to gossip from any one. If all would refuse to hear evil of their neighbor, the tale-bearer would soon seek other employment. HS 122.3

Do not encourage a class who center their religion in dress. Let each one study the plain teachings of the Scriptures as to simplicity and plainness of dress and by faithful obedience to those teachings strive to set a worthy example to the world and to those new in the faith. God does not want any one person to be conscience for another. Talk of the love and humility of Jesus; but do not encourage the brethren and sisters to engage in picking flaws in the dress or appearance of one another. Some take delight in this work; and when HS 122.4

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