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Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, Page 218

of holy time should remain undone until the Sabbath is past.

The words and thoughts should be guarded. Those who discuss business matters and lay plans on the Sabbath, are regarded of God as though they engaged in the actual transaction of business. To keep the Sabbath holy, we should not even allow our minds to dwell upon things of a worldly character.

Sunday is generally made a day of feasting and pleasure-seeking; but the Lord would have his people give the world a higher, holier example. Upon the Sabbath there should be a solemn dedication of the family to God. The commandment includes all within our gates; all the inmates of the house are to lay aside their worldly business, and employ the sacred hours in devotion. Let all unite to honor God by cheerful service upon his holy day.

In our labor for the Christiania church we faithfully presented before them the far-reaching requirements of God's law, and their great need of thorough repentance and returning unto the Lord. During our meetings, the dear Saviour came very near to us again and again. A good work was begun. We called them forward for prayers several times, and though this was a new experience to them, there was a quick and hearty response. Earnest, heartfelt confessions were made. Several had become discouraged and backslidden because of the accusing spirit manifested, and the lack of love for God and for one another. These humbly confessed their own wrong in allowing their faith in God and the truth to become weakened. Some had yielded the Sabbath through fear that they could not support their families. Others acknowledged that they had indulged a critical, fault-finding spirit. Many said that they had never realized as now the importance of the truth and the influence that it must have upon their life and character. Not a few testified with gratitude that they had received God's blessing as never before.

We were thankful for every token that this dear people were obtaining a sense of their true condition. But some who should have been personally interested, were looking on as though they had no interest at stake. The testimonies which the Lord gave them did not seem to be received. They did not break the bands which held them under condemnation of the Spirit of God. The Saviour was knocking at the door of their hearts, but they were unwilling then and there to remove the rubbish which barred his entrance. The Lord's time was not their time. Had they cleared the way, the Lord would have given them an experience of the highest value. But we know that souls have accepted the truth who have never felt the transforming power of the grace of Christ. We hope that this will not be the last invitation of the Spirit of God to them. We did all that we could for these dear souls. We did not cease to warn and entreat them, and we spent many hours in prayer for them while others were sleeping. If those who let that golden opportunity pass, had taken their position decidedly for the truth, determined to share with the church the warfare, the self-denial, and the reproach, and to share the final victory, there would have been a revival whose influence would have been far-reaching outside the church.

God calls upon the workers in this mission to reach a higher, holier standard. Christiania is an important point in our mission fields; it is the great center of the work for the Scandinavian

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