Ellen G. White Writings

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Heaven, Page 122

Chapter 14—The End of Evil

Jesus and the Holy City Descend to Earth—At the end of one thousand years, Jesus, the king of glory, descends from the Holy City, clothed with brightness like the lightning, upon the Mount of Olives—the same mount from whence He ascended after His resurrection. As His feet touch the mountain, it parts asunder, and becomes a very great plain, and is prepared for the reception of the Holy City in which is the paradise of God, the Garden of Eden, which was taken up after man's transgression. Now it descends with the City, more beautiful, and gloriously adorned than when removed from the earth. The City of God comes down and settles upon the mighty plain prepared for it.—Spiritual Gifts 3:83, 84.

Jesus descended upon a great and mighty mountain, which, as soon as His feet touched it, parted asunder, and became a mighty plain. Then we looked up and saw the

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