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Loma Linda Messages, Page 108

principal camp-meeting at Redlands, securing the best help for the work there, and then hold a smaller meeting at San Diego? What is your mind regarding this? You are on the ground, and I put great confidence in your judgment. To me, it seems as if we ought to make Redlands the center for the coming meeting. LLM 107.7

Ellen G. White LLM 108

***** LLM 108

(From MS. 92’ 05—latter portion.) LLM 108

July, 1905. LLM 108

The Loma Linda Sanitarium

I wish to present before our people the blessing that the Lord has placed within our reach by enabling us to obtain possession of the beautiful sanitarium property known as Loma Linda. This property lies sixty miles east of Los Angeles, on the main line of the Southern Pacific Railway. Its name, Loma Linda,—“Beautiful Hill’—describes the place. Of the 76 acres comprised in the property, about thirty-five form a beautiful hill, which rises one hundred and twenty-five feet above the valley. Upon this hill the sanitarium building is situated. LLM 108.1

The main building is a well-planned structure of sixty-four rooms, having three stories and a basement. It is completely furnished, heated by steam, and lighted by electricity. It is surrounded with large pepper trees and other shade trees. LLM 108.2

About ten rods away and on the highest part of the hill there is a group of five cottages. The central cottage has nine beautiful living rooms and two bathrooms. In the basement is a heating plant for the five cottages. LLM 108.3

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