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Loma Linda Messages, Page 11

“We respectfully ask the General Conference to recognize the Loma Linda College of Evangelists as an institution for the education and training of both nurses and physicians in harmony with the testimonies above quoted. Second, that it assist the management in arranging the curriculum, and planning for the future development of the school.”

The Committee on Plans did not bring this memorial before the Conference, but left it in the hands of the Executive Committee, and at a meeting of this committee, held in June, a few days after the close of the conference, this matter was considered. The action taken by the committee at this time, and what was done in harmony with this action, are set forth in a letter from Elder J. A. Burden addressed to Mrs. E. G. White under date of Sept. 20, 1909. In order that Sister White's response to this may be fully understood, the letter is here given in full:

Sanitarium, Calif.,

Sept. 20, 1909.

Dear Sister White,

“You will recall that at our last talk at the General Conference concerning the medical educational work at Loma Linda, you suggested that notwithstanding the failure of the General Conference to take any action encouraging us to go ahead with the advanced medical training, you advised us to go forward, following the instruction you had formerly given regarding the medical school.

“The points that perplexed me at that time were, first, what liberties our students would finally have to do real medical work other than nursing or such work as could be carried on by nurses without the qualifications of physicians; second, what plans should we lay that our students might become recognized as physicians, qualified to practice our healing art. You stated that God would give us recognition when He saw it was necessary. Thus the matter dropped.

“After this, ... The General Conference Committee met and considered at some length the question of the Loma Linda College of Evangelists, and passed the following recommendations.

“‘The Loma Linda Sanitarium is an important institution, having a splendid location, and is capable of doing a great amount of good in the development of workers. It should be not only a sanitarium of the first class, but a training center for young people who can enter service for foreign fields.

“‘While the General Conference is not in a condition to render financial aid to Loma Linda Sanitarium (beyond the salary of a Bible teacher), it is still in fullest sympathy with the principles for which it stands and the work

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