Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 118

***** LLM 118

Loma Linda Meeting

Loma Linda, near Redlands, Calif. LLM 118

M. 247, ’05. Aug. 24, 1905. LLM 118

Dr. John F. Morse LLM 118

Dear Brother, LLM 118

I write to invite you to connect with our sanitarium work in Southern California. We now have three sanitariums in the southern part of the state. Loma Linda, the one most recently purchased, is the most desirable place I have ever seen for a sanitarium. We realize that the Lord has been very gracious to us in opening the way for us to secure this plant, which was originally constructed as a sanitarium. LLM 118.1

Upon this property there has been made an investment of about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Several months ago our brethren spoke to me of the place as a beautiful location with grand buildings; but they supposed that it would be valued so high that we could not possibly secure it. LLM 118.2

Until I saw Loma Linda, I could not feel that I had seen a place that seemed in every respect to correspond with the representations I had seen of what a sanitarium should be. I had been LLM 118.3

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