Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 119

instructed to say to our brethren that we should have a sanitarium situated near Redlands and Riverside. This institution is about five miles from Redlands, and twelve from Riverside. But I had no idea that we would be able to purchase Loma Linda, though we had heard that the owners were very anxious to sell the property.

While I was at Takoma Park attending the General Conference, I received a letter from Brother Burden describing the property at Loma Linda, and informing me that the place was offered for sale for forty thousand dollars. There were others who desired to secure the property, but we were given an option till the brethren could communicate with us. The description given by Brother Burden answered in every respect to that of places that I had been instructed would be offered far below their original cost.

This letter from Brother Burden I received one Friday afternoon. I asked W. C. White to telegraph immediately to Brother Burden that he should by all means secure the property. Some of our brethren connected with the Conference advise other-wise, fearing that the conference would be more deeply involved in debt. But I followed my telegram with a letter saying distinctly that the place should be purchased without delay. I considered that the advantages of this location authorized me to speak positively regarding this matter. I said, There is sufficient money in the hands of God's people, and if we seek the Lord, He will make their hearts willing to help in this time of need.

After writing to Brother Burden, the uncertainty so affected me that for several nights I was unable to sleep. I lifted my heart to God in prayer. With great anxiety I waited till at last word came that a deposit of one thousand dollars had been made, and the way was opened for us to secure the place.

We now have possession of this valuable property. All the negotiations have been pleasant and agreeable. Brother Burden has been a man in the right place. The former owners have every confidence in him, and seem pleased that we have purchased the place. We thank the Lord for this.

We have just been attending the Los Angeles camp-meeting and before going home I am spending a few days here, and expect to stop for a few days at the Paradise Valley Sanitarium.

Owing to a weakness in my hip, I was unable to go over the building when I was here last spring, but I could see something of the advantages of the place, and the beauty of the seventy-six acres. There are many lovely pepper trees, and other varieties of trees, the names of which I have not learned. Hundreds of happy birds sing in the branches. There is a large orchard set out to orange trees, grapefruit, plums, peaches, nectarines, lemons, pears, etc.

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