Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 15

we will accept Him as our educator, if we will make Him our strength and righteousness, He will work in our behalf...

“You have the Word, which tells you that God's commandment-keeping people are to have His special favor, and that they are to be sanctified through obedience to the truth. Shall we unite ourselves with those that are full of error, who have no respect for God's commandments, and shall our students go forth to obtain the finishing touches of their education from them?”

W. C. White: “What is to be the final outcome? Will all our medical missionaries be simply nurses? Shall we have no more physicians? or shall we have a school in which we can ourselves give the finishing touches?”

E. G. White: “Whatever plan you follow, take your position that you will not unite with those that do not respect God's commandments.”

W. C. White: “Does that mean that we are not to have any more physicians, but that our people will work simply as nurses? or does it mean that we shall have a school of our own to educate physicians?”

E. G. White: “We shall have a school of our own. But we are not to be dependent upon the world. We must place our dependence upon a power that is higher than all human power. If we honor God, He will honor us.

J. A. Burden: “The governments of earth provide that if we conduct a medical school, we must take a charter from the government. That in itself has nothing to do with how the school is conducted. It is required, however, that certain studies be taught... Would the securing of a charter for the medical school, where our students might obtain a medical education, militate against our dependence upon God?”

E. G. White: “No, I do not see that it would. Only see that you do not exalt men above God. If you can gain force and influence that will make your work more effective without tying yourselves to worldly men, that would be right.....

(See Loma Linda Messages or this copy, pages 754-759 [original page numbers]

E. G. White: No, it is not. I have had very distinct light, however, that there is danger of our limiting the power of the Holy One of Israel. He is the God of the universe. Our influence is dependent upon our carrying out the word of the living God. We weaken our powers by not placing our dependence upon God, and taking hold of His strength. This is our privilege.


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