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Loma Linda Messages, Page 16

Endorsement by the General Conference Committee

Soon after this the General Conference Committee met in College View, and the question of establishing a medical college at Loma Linda received careful consideration: LLM 16.1

Among those who took their stand strongly in favor of the plan called for in the communication from Sister White, were, LLM 16.2

Elder G. A. Irwin,Dr. D. H. Kress,
Elder I. H. Evans,Dr. W. A. George,
Dr. W. A. Ruble,and Prof. Griggs.

Elder Evans, then treasurer of the General Conference, made a thrilling appeal in behalf of the value of such an institution for the training of workers for the mission field. Prof. Frederick Griggs, secretary of the Educational Department of the General Conference, made a strong appeal in behalf of our young people who wish to study medicine. Dr. W. A. Ruble, Secretary of the Medical Department, gave a logical and candid review of the serious objections to our undertaking such a great work, and then clearly presented reasons why we should attempt the work, expecting by united effort and the blessing of God to make a success of the enterprise. LLM 16.3

Some came to this meeting with serious misgivings as to the wisdom of undertaking such a large enterprise, but the Spirit of the Lord witnessed convincingly to the words spoken by various ones, showing the necessity of providing facilities in Christian schools for the qualifying of our workers as physicians the same as we had to prepare our other missionary workers for the cause. The brethren were convinced that the Lord was calling for the establishment by us of a medical college, and after the discussion the following action was taken: LLM 16.4

Resolved, That we recommend the Board of Management of the Loma Linda College of Evangelists to secure a charter for the school, that it may develop as the opening providences and the instruction of the Spirit of God may indicate. LLM 16.5

After this action had been taken a communication was received from Sister White, dated October 11, 1909. The principles therein laid down strengthened the brethren in their belief that the Lord had led them in the step they had just taken. Following is a portion of this letter: LLM 16.6

“I am instructed to say that in our educational work there is to be no compromise in order to meet the world's standards. God's commandment-keeping people are not to unite with the world, to carry various lines of work according to worldly plans and worldly wisdom. LLM 16.7

“Our people are now being tested as to whether they will obtain their wisdom from the greatest Teacher the world ever knew, or seek to the God of Ekron. Let us determine that LLM 16.8

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