Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 160

time agreed upon. Brother Burden raised the money and thus saved two hundred dollars.

Once more these men found themselves in a strait place and they said that if we would pay the remaining amount of indebtedness, they would throw off nine hundred dollars. Brother Burden paid the whole amount, some of our people taking stock in the institution, and some making gifts. This means to the institution a saving of eleven hundred dollars, which otherwise would have had to be paid. This was a great advantage.

In enabling us to obtain possession of this property, the Lord has certainly brought to the cause a most wonderful opportunity. We praise God with heart and soul and voice. There are five cottages, well fitted up, besides the large building. These are all furnished in the best of style. The smaller cottages are made with wide piazzas running around the four sides, and the windows are so arranged that the beds can be wheeled out on to the veranda. In each cottage there is a bathroom. The larger cottage has two stories, and is furnished throughout with solid red and black mahogany furniture.

All the mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillow-slips, couch-pillows, and bedding in general were in excellent condition when we took over the property. There were about eighty towels besides those in the rooms, and about one hundred and thirty-five small linen towels. There are table napkins in abundance, and silverware of all description, as well as chinaware.

There is one room in which sun baths may be taken, and a large parlor, two sides of which are of glass. This is the most beautiful room I was ever in in my life. There is also another large, well-furnished parlor. Two rooms above this have in them twenty rocking chairs and reclining chairs, which are very comfortable.

Besides these buildings, there is another building, which was used as a recreation building. This will serve for a time as a meeting-house. Both lower and upper stories are fitted up with rocking chairs. Those in charge seemed to have a passion for rocking chairs.

There are two barns and some carriages, somewhat worn, several horses, four cows, and a large calf, a good number of chickens and some turkeys. There were some hogs, but these have been disposed of.

Ten acres of the land is in oranges and apricots. The apricots are the largest I have ever seen. We only tasted the oranges when we were there, but Brother Burden has recently sent us several boxes of oranges and grapefruit, which we find most excellent. The apples grown there do not amount to much. We secured the place last summer before the fruit was ripe, and more was put up during the season than they will be able to use this summer. We had to buy peaches for canning. I helped to pick some of them. We bought the fruit on the trees, and it was delicious. They

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