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Loma Linda Messages, Page 161

are now setting out more grape vines and orange trees and other kinds of fruit, but these will not come into bearing for some time. LLM 160.7

The main building stands on an eminence, and one must climb a long flight of steps to reach the front door. About two hundred rods from the building there is a little railway station. From here there is a drive of easy and gradual ascent which encircles the rise of ground upon which stand the main building, the nine-roomed cottage, and the four smaller cottages. The hill is set out to ornamental and fruit trees. On it there is still another cottage, which has been used for the laborers. LLM 161.1

The Loma Linda Sanitarium will be dedicated in four or five weeks. I hear that the institution is filled with patients. Every one who has gone there is delighted with the place. LLM 161.2

Now I have given you the fullest description of Loma Linda that I have written to any one, as I thought you would like to hear about the place. I have never lost my interest in you; for you are one of my children, a member of my family. If you will love and serve the Lord I shall be grateful that in your childhood I consented to take charge of you. You are the purchase of the blood of Christ, and I do want you to find entrance into the city whose builder and maker is God. Let us all strive together to secure the immortal inheritance... LLM 161.3

Ellen G. White LLM 161

Notes Of Travel (E. G. W.)

Review, June 21, 1906 LLM 161

Dedication of the Loma Linda Sanitarium LLM 161

Sunday, April 15, 1906, the beautiful buildings and ground of the Loma Linda Sanitarium were solemnly dedicated to the service of God. LLM 161.4

The exercises of the day meant much to those who had made many personal sacrifices in order to help secure the institution and set it in operation... LLM 161.5

During the exercises the people were told of the remarkable providences that had attended every step taken to secure the property. The purpose we have in view in the establishment of many sanitariums was also dwelt upon. I was present at the meeting only a portion of the time, and spoke with freedom for nearly half an hour on the advantages of outdoor life in the treatment of disease. LLM 161.6

I tried to make it plain that the sanitarium physicians and helpers were to cooperate with God in combating disease, not only through the use of the natural remedial agencies He has placed within our reach, but also by encouraging their LLM 161.7

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