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Loma Linda Messages, Page 162

patients to lay hold on divine strength through obedience to the commandments of God.

... Physicians and ministers are to unite in an effort to lead men and women to obey God's commandments. They need to study the intimate relationship existing between obedience and health. Solemn is the responsibility resting upon medical missionaries. They are to be missionaries in the true sense of the term. The sick and the suffering who entrust themselves to the care of the helpers in our medical institutions, must not be disappointed. They are to be taught how to live in harmony with heaven. As they learn to obey God's law, they will be richly blessed in body and spirit.

The advantage of outdoor life must never be lost sight of. How thankful we should be that God has given us beautiful sanitarium properties at Paradise Valley and Glendale and Loma Linda. “Out of the cities! Out of the cities!”—this has been my message for years. And yet how slow some are to realize that the crowded cities are not favorable places for sanitarium work.

Even in Southern California not many years ago, there were some who favored the erection of a large sanitarium building in the heart of Los Angeles. In the light of the instruction God has given we could not consent to the carrying out of any such plan. In the visions of the night, the Lord had shown me unoccupied properties in the country, suitable for sanitarium purposes, and for sale at a price far below the original cost.

It was some time before we found these places. First, we secured the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, near San Diego. A few months later, in the good providence of God, the Glendale property came to the notice of our people, and was purchased and fitted up for service. But light came that our work of establishing sanitariums in southern California was not complete; and on several different occasions Testimonies were given that medical missionary work must be done somewhere in the vicinity of Redlands.

April 6, 1905. “On our way to Redlands, as our train passed through miles of orange groves, I recognized this section of southern California as one of the places that had been presented to me with the word that it should have a fully equipped sanitarium...

“As I looked from the car window, and saw the trees laden with fruit,…there arose before me a vision of what the spiritual harvest might have been had earnest, Christlike efforts been put forth for the salvation of souls.

“The Lord would have brave, earnest men and women take up His work in these places. The cause of God is to make more rapid advancement in southern California than it has in the past. Every year thousands of people visit S. Calif. in search of health, and by various methods we should seek to reach them with the truth. They must hear the warning to prepare for the great day of the Lord which is right upon us...

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