Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 181

Elmshaven, Sanitarium, California

H - 192 - ’06 June 8, 1906.

Dear Brother and Sister Haskell,

I am glad that you are carrying forward the work you have undertaken in San Bernardino. I believe that you are working in harmony with the light that has been given to me. In your work you come in contact with people who need to feel a hunger and thirst after righteousness. The Lord's blessing will be with all who work in harmony with His plans.

It has often been presented to me that there should be less sermonizing by ministers acting merely as local pastors of churches, and that greater personal efforts should be put forth. Our people should not be made to think that they need to listen to a sermon every Sabbath. Many who listen frequently to sermons, even though the truth be presented, in clear lines, learn but little. Often it would be more profitable if the Sabbath meetings were of the nature of Bible Class study. Bible truth should be presented in such a simple, interesting manner that all can easily understand and grasp the principles of salvation.

We should seek to follow more closely the example of Christ, the great Shepherd, as He worked with His little company of disciples, studying with them, and with the people the Old Testament Scriptures. His active ministry consisted not merely in sermonizing, but in educating the people. As He passed through villages, He came in personal contact with the people in their homes, teaching, and ministering to their necessities. As the crowds that followed Him increased, when He came to a favorable place, He would speak to them, simplifying His discourse by the use of parables and symbols...

Ellen G. White


To Elders Reaser, Burden, and the Executive Committee of the Southern California Conference

Oakland, Calif.

B. - 274- ’06 August 19, 1906.

Dear Brethren,

I am very anxious that Brethren Reaser and Burden, and their associates shall see all things clearly. God has given to every man a certain work to do, and He will give to each the wisdom necessary to perform his own appointed work.

To Brethren Reaser and Burden I would say, In all your counsels together, be careful to show kindness and courtesy toward each other. Guard against anything that has the semblance of domineering spirit.

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