Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 2

in the vicinity of these towns, with treatment rooms in each place, to act as feeders to the institution?” LLM 1.6

In this same letter we find this statement: “Our people in Southern California need to awaken to the magnitude of the work to be done within their borders.” And further: “I have a message to bear to the church-members in Southern California: Arouse, and avail yourselves of the opportunities open to you.” LLM 2.1

Instruction to Secure Loma Linda

Following the telegram sent to Elder J. A. Burden from Washington, D. C., asking him to secure the property at Loma Linda, “without delay”, Sister White wrote: LLM 2.2

“Your letter has just been read. I had no sooner finished reading it than I said, “I will consult no one; for I have no question at all about the matter.” I advised Willie to send you a telegram without spending time to ask the advise of the brethren. Secure the property by all means, so that it can be held, and then obtain all the money you can and make sufficient payments to hold the place. This is the very property that we ought to have. Do not delay; for it is just what is needed. As soon as it is secured, a working force can begin operations in it. I think that sufficient help can be secured to carry this matter through. I want you to be sure to lose no time in securing the right to purchase the property. We will do our utmost to help you raise the money. I know that Redlands and Riverside are to be worked, and I pray that the Lord may be gracious, and not allow any one else to get this property instead of us.” LLM 2.3

The letter from which the foregoing paragraph is quoted was written May 14, 1905. Between that time and the end of the month four other letters were written to Elder Burden, emphatically urging the purchase of Loma Linda, and giving strong assurances that it was in the purpose of God that this property be secured. “Be assured, my brother,” Sister White wrote in a letter dated May 26,“that I never advise anything unless I have a decided impression that it should be carried out, and unless I am firmly resolved to assist..... By all means secure the property if you can; for I believe it to be the very place the Lord desires us to have. LLM 2.4

Answered to Former Representations

Those who, in harmony with these directions, took steps to secure the property, were further assured by statements made by Sister White after she had visited Loma Linda on her return from the General Conference, that it answered fully to representations of places she had been shown should be secured. In a letter written from Glendale, June 23, 1905, to a brother in the South, she wrote regarding the property: LLM 2.5

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