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Loma Linda Messages, Page 203

be a self-denying Christian. An earnest desire to be obedient to the will of your heavenly Father will bring you to the place where you will wear Christ's yoke. Those who are great in the sight of the Lord will, like John the Baptist, have humility of heart. Then good works will follow. Your example may be such that others will wish to emulate it. Your obedience and humbleness of mind will make obedience and humility a desirable thing to those who are associated with you.

The words of truth were so simple as Christ explained them that the disciples could comprehend them. The word of God is our spirit and life. It is the weapon by which we are to resist the attacks of Satan. Those who are much with God in prayer and consent to wear, the yoke of Christ, will be meek and lowly in heart. They will be one with Christ.

You and your wife can be a source of help and strength to each other, and a blessing to the sanitarium. Prayer is the key that will unlock the treasure of heaven to you. Let your faith increase. Increased faith and sanctification of the spirit, will qualify you to be a wise counsellor. Words spoken in season and in the spirit of tenderness, accompanied by the silent working of the Holy Spirit, will make the right impression. Do not think that you are accomplishing nothing because you cannot see definite results for your work. You are to sow the seed, knowing not which shall prosper, this or that.

May the Lord help and strengthen and bless you in your work, is my prayer.

Ellen G. White


National City, California,

W.-164-'07 May 7, 1907.

Elder J. E. White:

Dear Son Edson,


In many places I see a great need for the investment of means in the cause of God. Next week I expect to return to Loma Linda, and while there I will do what I can to help forward the work in the surrounding cities. I desire to invest some means in the work in these places. I hope to find opportunity to speak to our people in that locality, and to arouse them to a sense of their responsibility to hold up the light of truth. If, before I leave Loma Linda, I can see the right work begun, I shall not then feel pressed as a cart beneath sheaves, after I return home.

Mrs. Dr. Starr has been doing a good work in San Bernardino. She has been giving education in health principles, and has found access to many fine homes. I hope to strengthen her hands, and given her encouragement to continue the work in Redlands and Riverside

...... Ellen G. White


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