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Loma Linda Messages, Page 204

An Open Letter

Loma Linda, Calif., LLM 204.1

B.-174-'07. May 19, 1907. LLM 204.2

Dear Brethren and Sisters, LLM 204

The Lord has greatly blessed our people in Southern Calif., in enabling them to secure at very low cost valuable sanitarium properties. Through the institutions that are established here, the Lord desires to reach a class that can be reached in no other way. Therefore I would urge upon our people to whom the Lord has entrusted the talent of means, that they make loans and gifts to place these institutions in a position where they can do without embarrassment the work that will be to the honor and glory of God. LLM 204.3

For forty thousand dollars our brethren secured at Loma Linda buildings and land that cost originally one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. These buildings were furnished completely, far more elegantly than we would have furnished them. LLM 204.4

The Lord has worked wonderfully in bringing us into possession of this place. Here is a center from which light is to shine into the surrounding cities of Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Colton, and other places near by. LLM 204.5

It has been found necessary to provide additional bathroom facilities at Loma Linda, and to make some changes greatly needed, and a small bakery should be added. We are in need of means to accomplish that which must be done, and we pray the Lord to put it into the heart of our brethren and sisters to help in this time of necessity. LLM 204.6

For years the Lord has instructed us that we should have a sanitarium in the vicinity of San Diego, where many thousands of tourists come every year. A valuable property was secured at National City at a very small part of its original cost. LLM 204.7

There an important work is to be done in caring for the sick, and in reaching many with the light of truth. At the Paradise Valley Sanitarium also it was found necessary to add to the original building, and obligations have been made that must soon be met. The Lord has blessed this institution, and some have been converted to the truth as the result of the work already done. LLM 204.8

At Glendale, a few miles from Los Angeles, we purchased a sanitarium at about one fourth its real value. This institution is at the present time full of patients. It is well equipped for work, and is in a position of influence. Its need is not so pressing as that of the sanitariums at Loma Linda and National City. LLM 204.9

The establishment of these three institutions has brought a heavy financial burden to our people in Southern Calif. Yet they have cheerfully responded to the calls for means that have been made. Brother Burden, Dr. White, and others connected with LLM 204.10

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