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Loma Linda Messages, Page 205

these sanitariums have invested all they could spare, that the work might not be hindered.

We have none too many sanitariums. There is need for every one that has been established. In these institutions we are endeavoring to carry the work earnestly and solidly, in harmony with the instruction the Lord has given in regard to sanitarium work. They are to stand as a means of teaching the truth in these great centers of tourist resort.

At our request, Brother Burden is going East to attend some of our campmeetings, where he may come in contact with many of our brethren and sisters, and lay before them the opportunities for assisting these important branches of the Lord's work. We unite in asking those who have means to spare, to consider the matter of investing some of their money in these institutions, thus helping to provide necessary facilities, that a thorough work may be done in caring for the sick who are coming to S. Calif. in search of health.

May the Lord give ability to help, and a willing mind.

Ellen G. White


Glendale, Calif.,

H.-176-1907. May 20, 1907.

Dear Brother and Sister Haskell,

We left home on our visit to S. Calif. April 18th. On our way to San Diego, we stopped off at Fernando, and we spent a few days at Loma Linda. At the Paradise Valley Sanitarium we found a very small patronage. Twice I spoke to the helpers and guests. On Sabbath and Sunday, May 4 and 5, I spoke to the church in San Diego. I bore a very plain testimony. Sunday afternoon, I followed an earnest appeal with a prayer. This was followed by a social meeting, at which some confessions were made...

I remained at Loma Linda nearly a week, during which time I spoke to the students twice. Sabbath forenoon I spoke to a large number who had assembled from the surrounding churches. The meeting was held on the lawn. Among those present were some who have recently begun the observance of the Sabbath in Redlands, where Elder Hare and Elder Whitehead have been conducting a series of meetings.

Seats were arranged under the pepper trees at the back of the Sanitarium. It was an interesting occasion. The Lord blessed me in speaking from the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah. Before I closed, I made a strong appeal to those who had means to help in the Lord's work, and I presented the needs of the Loma Linda Sanitarium. I urged them not to spend all their efforts merely in commercial lines, but to lay up treasure beside the throne of God.

In the evening, Brother Nichols came to my room, his face aglow with happiness, and said, “I want to tell you what

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