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Loma Linda Messages, Page 22

building was therefore erected and is well equipped with the essential appliances. LLM 21.10

During the year 1911 steady progress was made in the work at Loma Linda. The various departments were strengthened. Twenty-four students entered the medical course, and twenty the nurses’ course. The patronage of the sanitarium increased, and notwithstanding the expense of maintaining the educational departments, there was a profit in the operating expenses for the year, of $5,795.41. The expenses of erecting the girls’ dormitory and laboratory building, and providing the facilities that were necessary, were heavy; yet the present worth of the corporation increased from $27,650.00 in 1910 to $61,892.34 in 1912. LLM 22.1

***** LLM 22

An Important Council

A constituency meeting of the College of Medical Evangelists was held at Loma Linda, March 27 to April 1, 1912. At this meeting were present the president, the treasurer, and the medical secretary of the General Conference; the president of the Pacific, North Pacific, Columbian, Lake, Northern, Southern and Southwestern Union Conferences, and four other members of the General Conference Committee. The executive committee of the Pacific Union Conference, and the executive committee of the Southern California Conference. LLM 22.2

In his address to the constituency, Elder G. A. Irwin, president of the Board of Trustees, referred to the launching of the medical college as “one of the most important moves made by this denomination since the removal of our General Conference headquarters from Battle Creek, Michigan, to Washington, D. C. He spoke of three things as being “positively necessary in order that the school may be successful and meet the mind of the Lord in its establishment: (1) Money with which to erect and properly equip the necessary buildings; (2) The hearty cooperation of the entire denomination through its recognized leaders; (3) Steadfast adherence upon the part of the directors and medical faculty to the principles contained in the instruction upon which the institution was founded... LLM 22.3

“When we ask young men and women to come to Loma Linda, to take a medical course, we must have buildings where they can be comfortably housed. If we expect these students to successfully pass their examination before the State boards at the close of their term, we must provide the necessary facilities to enable the teachers properly to instruct them. LLM 22.4

“If this constituency does not want to see the indebtedness of the institution increased, then it must provide a plan whereby the necessary means can be raised to do what of necessity must be done if we proceed with this undertaking. LLM 22.5

“On the other hand, even though we might obtain all the means necessary, a few men and a small constituency could not make a success of this work; it must have the hearty LLM 22.6

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