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Loma Linda Messages, Page 229

I entreat that there may be a putting away from the life every action which does not bear the approval of God. We are drawing near to the close of earth's history; the battle is growing daily more fierce. There is a day appointed when men who have bowed to the mandates of Satan will find themselves the subjects of the wrath of God, when the Judge of all the earth shall pronounce the sentence against Satan and his adherents, ‘Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”

Now, my dear friends, we have a peculiar work before us in the case of Brother and Sister Nicola. As Christ's messengers, we have a special work to do to save these people. This is a test case. I have sent you the letter I wrote them, that you may understand how the matter stands.

Ellen G. White

Jehovah is Our King

MS. 73-'07 August 15, 1907.

God has revealed many things to me which He has bidden me give to His people by pen and voice. Through this message of the Holy Spirit, God's people are given sacred instruction concerning their duty to God and to their fellow-men.

A strange things has come into our churches. Men who are placed in positions of responsibility that they might be wise helpers, to their fellow workers, have come to suppose that they were set as kings and rulers in the churches, to say to one brother, Do this, to another, Do that, and to another, Be sure and labor in such and such a way. There have been places where workers have been told that if they did not follow the instruction of these men of responsibility, their pay from the conference would be withheld.

It is right for the workers to counsel together as brethren; but that man who endeavors to lead his fellow-workers to seek his counsel and advice regarding the details of their work, and to learn their duty from him, is in a dangerous position, and needs to learn what responsibilities are really comprehended in his office. God has appointed no man to be conscience for his fellow-man, and it is not wise to lay so much responsibility upon an officer that he will feel that he is forced to become a dictator.

A Constant Peril

For years there has been a growing tendency for men placed in positions of responsibility to lord it over God's heritage, thus removing from church members their keen sense of the need of divine instruction and an appreciation of the privilege to counsel with God regarding their duty. This order of things may be changed. There must be a reform. Men who have not a rich measure of that wisdom which cometh from above, should not be called to serve in positions where their influence means so much to church members.

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