Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 23

support and confidence of the whole denomination...

“I have placed adherence to the principles upon which the institution is founded last, not because in my judgment it is least, but because I wish to give special emphasis to the fact that we might have both money and influence in abundance, and yet fail because we lose sight of the fact that this enterprise is but a part of a great movement in which there must be perfect union between the medical and the Evangelical departments of our work...

“The possibilities before such a school as this are very great. Hundreds of medical evangelists could be used today by this denomination to good effect, not only in heathen lands, but in the cities and densely populated districts of the civilized nations of the earth. May our faith lead us to grasp these possibilities and cause us to lay broad plans and to act promptly in view of the limited time which yet remains to do the work allotted to us as a people.”

Dr. W. A. Ruble, president of the medical College, reported 237 students as being in attendance at the college and allied schools. These are grouped as follows:

College: 1st. year, 24; 2nd. year, 23; 3rd year, 9; Medical Evangelistic Course, 1. Nurses: 1st year, 19; 2nd year, 21; 3rd year, 20. Special, 5; Preparatory, 26; Church school, 87.

Speaking of the Laboratory, Dr. Ruble said: “This building is perfectly adapted to the purposes for which it was constructed; thanks to the counsel of those who knew what they needed and have worked to produce it. Already courses have been conducted in the respective laboratory rooms in histology, embryology, bacteriology, chemistry, and materia medica. Just the apparatus for these courses that was required has been provided. The line of demarcation between economy and efficiency has been carefully guarded.”



“When the proposition to found a Seventh-day Adventist medical college began to be considered seriously, two or three years ago, it seemed an impossibility. The lack of means and men was apparent. The fulfillment of the promise, God shall supply all your needs, has certainly been verified to us. The very best apparatus, facilities, and appliances have been provided as needed, and we are not a whit behind the most up-to-date school as far as we have gone. Instructors have been provided

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