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Loma Linda Messages, Page 234

And more than this we are to use every God-given faculty, that others, through our influence and Christlike example, may have the same respect that we have.

I hope, my sister, that you will have an influence in the Woman's Christian Temperance Association to draw many precious souls to the standard of truth. The Lord is drawing many to an examination of the truth, and you need not fail nor be discouraged. Sow beside all waters. These are good waters in which you can sow the seeds of truth, even if you do not dwell publicly upon the prominent features of our faith. It would not be wise to be too definite. The oil of grace revealed in your conscious and unconscious influence will make known that you have the light of life. This will shine forth to others in your direct, positive testimony upon subjects on which you can all agree, and this will have a telling influence.


“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, Australia,

Dec., 1899.

Dear Sister Henry,


I was greatly pleased with your letter, in which you give me the history of your experience with the W.C.T.U. When I read it, I said, “Thank the Lord. That is seed-sowing which is of value.” I am pleased, so much pleased. The Lord has certainly opened your way. Keep it open, if possible. A work can be accomplished by you. Preserve your strength for such efforts. Attend important gatherings when you can. These occasions will be very trying seasons, but when the Lord gives His loved ones a special work to do, He sends His angels to be round about them.

There are very many precious souls whom the Lord would have reached by the light of truth. Labor is to be put forth to help them to understand the Scriptures. I have felt an intense interest in the W.C.T.U. workers. These heroic women know what it means to have an individuality of their own. I desire so much that they shall triumph with the redeemed around the great white throne. My prayers shall rise in your behalf that you may be given special opportunities to attend their large gatherings, and that your voice may be heard in defense of the truth.

I dare not give you advice in this important matter. You are on the ground and Christ is on the ground. Be assured that He will work with you and through you and by you.

It ought to be a great encouragement to you in your work to think of the compassion and tender love of God for those who are seeking and praying for light. We should hold convocations for prayer to ask the Lord to open the way that the truth may enter the strongholds where Satan has set up his throne, and dispel the shadow which he has cast athwart the pathway of those he is seeking to deceive and to destroy. We have the promise, or rather, the assurance, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Ellen G. White

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