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Loma Linda Messages, Page 236

years ago. We need to trim our lamps and receive in them the holy oil from the two olive-branches. When the power of the Spirit of God rests upon us, there will be a showing for our labors altogether different from that now seen. LLM 235.5

Let us not represent truth and the situation of things as so formidable that those belonging to the W.C.T.U. will turn away in despair. There are vital truths upon which they have had very little light. They should be dealt with in tenderness, in love, and with respect for their good work. We are to guard against approaching them in such a way as to close doors whereby some, yes, many might be reached. Instead of condemning them, let us strive to reach their hearts,—not through the learned arguments of ministers, but through the wise efforts of women of influence and tact who can devote time and thought to this line of work. LLM 236.1

The Lord wants His people to follow other methods than to condemn wrong, even though their condemnation be just. He wants them to do something more than to hurl at their adversaries charges which do not convict, but only send those at whom they are made, farther from the truth,—charges which make those in error point to the words written, and say, “You see, it is impossible to have any union with Seventh-day Adventists, for they will give us no chance to connect with them unless we believe just as they believe.” LLM 236.2

Let us remember that there is need of sanctified pens and sanctified tongues. When we as a people live as God would be pleased to have us live, we shall see the deep movings of His Spirit. Much will then be done for those who have never heard the truth. In our work for unbelievers we may expect to hear much that is not ordered by God. But let us remember that those who speak these words do not know any better. Let us pray for them, and approach them in discretion and with Christlike tenderness. Those who oppose the counsel of God against themselves need gentle dealing. God can at any time so move upon hearts by His Holy Spirit that they will be prepared to receive the truth and unite with His commandment-keeping people. LLM 236.3

Ellen G. White LLM 236

The Temperance Work

MS. 79-'07 Aug. 16, ’07-8- LLM 236

Extracts from printed Testimonies and from unpublished MSS., outlining work done thirty years ago, and in more recent years; also, the work that should be done today. LLM 236

Soon after my husband and I returned from Calif. to Michigan in the spring of 1877, we were earnestly solicited to take part in a temperance mass-meeting, a very praiseworthy effort in progress among the better portion of the citizens of Battle Creek. This movement embraced the Battle Creek Reform Club, six hundred strong, and the W.C.T.U., two hundred and sixty strong. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible were familiar words with these earnest workers. Much good had already LLM 236.4

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