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Loma Linda Messages, Page 24

as required, and are conducting strong courses in every department of the college. Surely we might almost begin to walk by sight, but we shall not. What we do see and have seen certainly strengthens our faith to believe that we shall be able to provide whatever is necessary to make a strong, first-class medical college. LLM 23.6

***** LLM 24

Our Needs

“As has been pointed out already, whatever has been required by medical boards, or of necessity has been provided for the school. The medical inspectors have been satisfied in the matter of entrance requirements, curriculum, faculty, laboratory and equipment, library, and medical periodicals. Emphasis was laid by each of the inspectors upon the necessity for a clinical hospital. This is our great and immediate need, and demands attention at once... LLM 24.1

“A proper dormitory for a home for the young men is greatly needed. Housed as they are in three or four cottages scattered over the grounds, it is impossible to give them the supervision that would be given in a Christian home... LLM 24.2

“If the College of Medical Evangelists has any mission scientifically and medically, it is in emphasizing and advancing physiologic therapeutics. Of all departments in the school, this one should be the best equipped. If we are to educate away from drug medication, it must be by demonstrating a better way of treatment. Provision must be made that will enable us to secure the best possible results in the treatment of disease.” LLM 24.3

Careful consideration was given to the necessities that must be met. There was a general feeling that the indebtedness must not be increased, yet it was evident that the work demanded additional facilities. It was voted,— LLM 24.4

1. That a central heating plant be installed according to the plans submitted, with two one-hundred-horse power boilers and direct connected dynamo and engine, with a probable cost of $15,000. It is with the understanding that the means be secured for the same by the time the plant is completed. LLM 24.5

2. That we proceed to raise, by solicitation, $15,000 for the beginning of a clinical hospital. LLM 24.6

By the few present at this meeting, pledges to the amount of $3,375. were made, toward the fund for erecting these buildings. LLM 24.7

The following were elected to act on the Board of Managers for three years: W. A. Ruble, J. A. Burden, G. K. Abbott, J. A. White, T. J. Evans, W. A. George, W. D. Salisbury. Careful study was given to the matter of dividing the heavy responsibilities of the many departments. LLM 24.8

Brother W. D. Salisbury, who has spent a number of years LLM 24.9

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