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Loma Linda Messages, Page 241

It is dangerous work to invest men with authority to judge and rule their fellow-men. Not to you nor to any other man has been given power to control the actions of God's people, and the effort to do this must be no longer continued. God has been dishonored by the education that has been given to the churches in Southern Calif. in looking to one man as conscience and judgment for them. God has never authorized any man to exercise a ruling power over his fellow-workers; and those who have allowed a dictatorial spirit to come into their official work, need to experience the converting power of God upon their hearts. They have placed man where God should be. LLM 241.1

When men engage in labor for the souls of others, they are not to be made amenable to the will of their fellow-laborers. God is well able to direct the course of action of those who work for Him. But when His laborers, instead of calling upon Him, seek first and regard as of first importance the counsel and advice of human minds, He is dishonored. The method of sending one minister to another minister to learn his duty is a plan of working that should not be encouraged. Greater evils will result from such a course than finite and erring man can foresee. LLM 241.2

My brother, God lives and reigns. Let your brethren have the right of way to the footstool of Christ. Encourage them to carry their burdens to the Lord, and not to any human being. Never take the responsibility of becoming conscience for another. As brethren, you can counsel together, and pray together, and seek instruction from the source of all wisdom; but you are not to seek to direct another regarding his duty. Let all work of this character be done away. God forbids that this spirit shall again come into His work while time shall last. LLM 241.3

Ellen G. White LLM 241

Arise Shine

MS-95-'07 August 29, 1907. LLM 241

A message has been given me for our people in S. Calif. God bids you, “Arise and shine.” Now, just now, let every believing soul study to comprehend the words of Christ. “Ye are the light of the world.” It is no time now to become weakened and discouraged. This is a time for every soul to humble his heart before God in confession of mistakes and sins, and to wait upon the Lord that His spiritual strength may be renewed. LLM 241.4

Day by day God's faithful, commandment-keeping people are to become better prepared to let their light shine forth amid the moral darkness of a world that is rapidly filling up its cup of apostasy, and becoming as it was in the days of Noah. Knowing the time, we are to set in operation every agency that can be employed in doing missionary work for Christ. The great aim of those who profess to believe the third angels’ message, should be to bring all their powers into active service in the cause of God. LLM 241.5

Not all are called to engage in the same line of labor, but to every man and woman who enters the service of Christ, are LLM 241.6

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