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Loma Linda Messages, Page 247

Extracts with Explanatory Notes on the Training of Medical Students

(Sept. 1907) LLM 247

In all the instruction given through the Spirit of Prophecy regarding the training of medical students, the necessity of spiritual consecration and of faithfulness in Bible study is constantly emphasized. The students are directed to search the Scriptures, and to establish themselves thoroughly on all phases of the third angel's message. LLM 247.1

In a manuscript dated August 1885, and published in a leaflet entitled, “Counsel to Physicians and Medical Students,” the spiritual side of the training of our youth is constantly kept uppermost. Note the following: MS-2a-1885 July 27, 1885. LLM 247.2

“We greatly need godly physicians; we need men who have high and holy principles. I have been shown that young men will accept the responsibility of obtaining a medical education, and enter upon their course of study, designing to be right and maintain their Christian principles; but do they do this? No, they fall into temptation, and evil influences affect their morals. Among our own people who profess to believe the most solemn truths ever committed to mortals, there is a tarnishing of virtue, a sacrificing of principle. They do not, like Joseph and Daniel, preserve their integrity of morals, much less their Christian principles. The habits and customs of associates who claim to be respectable men and women have a molding influence upon them. Not only the youth, but those of mature age are inclined to conform to the worldling's standard in order not to be considered singular.” LLM 247.3

This was written about ten years before the founding of the American Medical College. The perils to be met by the youth in a worldly medical school were described in the following words: LLM 247.4

“We are in need of physicians; but the plan of sending young men to a medical college to learn to treat the sick, is questionable; for many of them have no root in themselves, and as in sending out children to the other colleges in our land, they are brought in contact with every class of minds, and are thrown into a sink of iniquity, the companionship of skeptics, infidels and the profligate; where not one out of one hundred escape from being contaminated. They do not come forth like Joseph and Daniel uncorrupted, firm as a rock to principles... LLM 247.5

“These students who intend to deal with suffering humanity will find no graduating place this side of heaven. Every bit of knowledge that is termed science should be acquired, while the seeker daily acknowledges that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Every item of experience and everything that can strengthen the mind, should be cultivated to the utmost of their power, while at the same time they should seek God for His wisdom from above, (lest) they become an easy prey for the deceptive power of Satan.” LLM 247.6

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