Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 248

And again,

“I wish I could set before the medical student the true responsibility which rests upon him in his work. There is not one in one hundred who has a just sense of his position, his work, his accountability to God, and how much God will do for him if he will make Him his trust. The very first lesson that he should learn is dependence upon God. Make God your counselor at every step. The worldly and the nominal Christian may insinuate that in order for you to be successful you must be a policy man—you must at times depart from the strictest rectitude; but be not deceived, be not deluded... Throw not open the door for the enemy to take possession of the citadel of the soul...

Like Enoch, the physician should be a man that walks with God. This will be to him an antidote to all the delusive, pernicious sentiments which make so many infidel physicians, or skeptics. The true antidote is truth, the truth of God revealed in His word, practised in the life, and constantly guiding in all that concerns the interests of others. Having the soul thus barricaded with heavenly principles you may humbly yet confidently say, I will not fear the face of man. God is not unmindful of your struggles, of your conflicts to maintain the truth and obtain a personal daily experience in walking in the ways of truth. When you appreciate every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, as revealed in His Word, higher than worldly policy, you will be guided into every good and holy way...

“Let not medical students be deceived by the wiles of the devil, or by any of his cunning pretexts which so many adopt to beguile and ensnare, by practices of the ungodly. Cling closely to your Bibles. Inquire, What saith the Lord? He has spoken and told me how to ennoble and purify my life. This light I will follow. The Majesty of truth I will respect and honor...

“It is the privilege of every student to enter college with the same fixed, determined principle that Daniel had when he entered the courts of Babylon, and to preserve his integrity untarnished. You all need a living religion, that you may stand as God's witnesses...”

These words were written at a time when there was no medical school operated by Seventh-day Adventists—ten years before the founding of the American Medical Missionary College; and at that time, when the only way for our youth to obtain a medical education was to enter a worldly college. Students were assured that so long as they chose to cling closely to their Bibles, and obey God, they would be kept from contamination while studying science in these medical schools.

This instruction is very similar to that found in “Testimonies for the Church 5:583, 584, where we read:

We would that there were strong young men, rooted and grounded in the faith, who had such a living connection with God that they could, if so counseled by our leading brethren, enter the higher colleges in our land, where they would have a wider field

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