Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 25

in Australia as manager of the Echo Publishing Company, and later the Signs Publishing Company, was asked to act as general business manager, It was also voted to request Elder J. A. Burden to act as Treasurer of the corporation, and as chaplain and business superintendent of the Sanitarium. Assistance was provided for Elder Burden, so that a portion of his time may be spent in the solicitation of means that must be raised in order to carry forward this great work.

Surely a study of the providences that have marked the beginning and growth of the work in Loma Linda must lead to the conviction that this institution is designed of God to act an important part in the training of efficient workers for the world-wide field. May we not expect a general rally in behalf of this great enterprise, the success of which is dependent largely upon the support of every loyal believer in the third angel's message?


Testimonies and Experiences in Connection with the Glendale Sanitarium

Early in 1903, while I was in Australia, Sister White forwarded to me a large bundle of manuscript concerning the medical work in southern California, and a little later she wrote me concerning the reverses that were coming to the medical work in Los Angeles, asking how I would feel about returning to America to help in the work.

The communications sent were most carefully read, as I had been connected with the starting of the Vegetarian Cafe and Los Angeles treatment rooms before I left for Australia. At that time I felt no desire to return to America, and so wrote her. The Lord, however, was evidently preparing my mind for the work in this field, although at the time I did not know it.

On returning to America in February, 1904, I was again solicited by Sister White to come to southern California to assist in the medical work. Just then there was considerable agitation concerning the purchase of Paradise Valley Sanitarium. When it was learned that I was thinking of coming to southern California, several took occasion to warn me against being foolish enough to connect with such a hopeless enterprise.

I had, however, read too carefully the communications sent me concerning the prospects of the work to be discouraged by any such representations. After listening again to Sister White's account of what had been shown her concerning the work, and of the providences of God that

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