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Loma Linda Messages, Page 255

Because the Word of God has been neglected, strange things have been done in the medical missionary work of late. The Lord can not accept the present showing. LLM 254.8

“Study the Word, which God in His wisdom and love and goodness has made so plain and simple... The Holy Spirit teaches the student of the Scriptures to judge all things by the standard of righteousness and truth and justice. The divine revelation supplies him with the knowledge that he needs. And the needed knowledge will be given to all who come to Christ, receiving and practicing His teachings, making His words a part of their lives. Those who place themselves under the instruction of the Great Medical Missionary to be workers together with Him, will have a knowledge that the world with all its traditionary lore cannot supply. LLM 255.1

“Make the Bible the man of your counsel. Your acquaintance with it will grow rapidly if you keep your mind free from the rubbish of the world. The more the Bible is studied, the deeper will be your knowledge of God. The truths of His word will be written in your soul, making an ineffaceable impression. LLM 255.2

“Not only will the student himself be benefited by a study of the Word of God, but his study is life and salvation to all with whom he is associated. He will feel a sacred responsibility to impart the knowledge that he receives. His life will reveal the help and strength that he receives from communion with the Word. The sanctification of the Spirit will be seen in thought, word, and deed. All that he says and does will proclaim that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. Of such ones the Lord Jesus can indeed say, “Ye are laborers together with God.” LLM 255.3

In the light of these extracts, and in the light of the fact that for the past eleven years there has been no change in the purpose of those who in 1898 were conveying to our medical students insinuations from time to time that disparage the church and the ministry,“‘and who more recently have taught doctrines that undermine faith in the fundamental features of the third angel's message, it is not difficult to understand why of late the Lord has been counseling His people to establish several centers of medical training, where students can obtain thorough Bible instructions, and at the same time pursue a line of scientific study that will fit them to go forth into the field as physicians of the body as well as the soul. As consecrated young men and women associate daily with God-fearing teachers in these centers of training, they will be strengthened to withstand the influences that they must constantly meet while pursuing certain lines of scientific study. LLM 255.4

***** LLM 255

To the Workers in Southern California

B.343-'07 Oct. 20, 1907. Sept. 2, 1907. LLM 255

Sanitarium, Calif., LLM 255

This morning my prayers have ascended to God for spiritual grace and a clear comprehension of His will. LLM 255.5

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