Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 256

I have been instructed regarding the mistake that has been made in placing men in positions of responsibility to meet emergencies which they think it necessary to be met.

Complaints of a grave character were made, to the effect that some of our ministers while drawing pay from the Conference were out of their place in taking the responsibility of going to various places and of spending means to pay their traveling expenses, when they had not been told to go to these places by the president of the conference. These complaints led to certain rules being laid down by which these ministers could not receive from the Conference the moneys expended, unless they had first, in taking up any line of work, gone to the Conference president to ask his consent. Thus these workers were put under the rule of their fellow minister.

The evils that will result from the adoption of such a course are not discerned by those who favor it. But the Lord has plainly revealed to me that this is not right, and that He is greatly dishonored when ministers are instructed to go to their fellow men for permission to do the work that He has pointed out was their duty to do.

Man is not to be made amenable to his fellow man. I am bidden to write decidedly regarding this matter. The work of exalting men as rulers is a dangerous work, for it educates the workers to look to human agencies instead of looking to God, and this spoils their religious experience. Their minds are diverted from the true source of their strength.

I have been shown that the evangelistic labors of the gospel minister are not to be directed by a fellow minister. The workers for God should inquire of Him, the fountain of wisdom, in regard to their labors. They are to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. God is able to move upon their minds, and to guide them with judgment. “The meek will He guide with judgment, and the meek will He teach His way.” God will work with those who will listen to His voice.

The word of God is to be the man of our counsel, and is to guide our experience. The lessons of the Old Testament history, if faithfully studied, will teach us how this can be. Christ, enshrouded in a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, was the guide and the light of the children of Israel, in their wilderness-wandering. Here was an unerring guide. In all their experiences, God was trying to teach them obedience to their heavenly Guide, and faith in His power to deliver them. Their deliverance from affliction in Egypt, and their passage through the Red Sea, revealed to them His power to save. When they rebelled against Him, and went contrary to His will, God punished them. When they persisted in their rebellion, and were determined to have their own way, God gave them that for which they asked, and in this way showed them that that which He withheld from them He withheld for their own good. Every judgment that came as a result of their murmurings was a lesson to that

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