Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 267

harm to the cause of God by molding and fashioning the experience of the conference to a common, worldly standard. The sacred work that we handle, if performed in a spirit of consecration, will never cheapen the experience of a single soul.

The men who stand as presidents of conferences, or as leaders in any part of the solemn work of giving the last gospel message must cultivate and cherish broad views and ideas. It is the privilege of all who bear responsibilities in the work of the Gospel, to be apt learners in Christ's school. The professed follower of Christ must not be led by the dictates of his own will; his mind must be trained to think Christ's thoughts, and enlightened to comprehend the will and way of God. Such a believer will be a follower of Christ's methods of work.

A mistake has been made in the course that has been followed to clear the San Fernando school from debt. When the school property was first purchased, and the minds of our people were upon it, only a feeble effort was made to raise the money spent in its purchase. But after the sanitariums were purchased and the sympathy and financial strength of the people were needed to put them in working order, there were some who made the school debt the matter of first consideration, and who by criticism of the Sanitarium work and management, discouraged the brethren from giving them the full support that they needed.

The Lord did not call upon the president of the conference to make it his first work to gather up the gifts of our people for the school. There was necessity just then of giving first attention to the requirements of the sanitariums.

Provision for our Schools

Our brethren should not forget that the wisdom of God has made provision for our schools in a way that will bring blessing to all who participate in the enterprise. The book “Christ's Object Lessons” was donated to the educational work that the students and other friends of the schools might handle these books, and by their sale raise much of the means needed to lift the school indebtedness. But this plan has not been presented to our schools as it should have been; the teachers and students have not been educated to take hold of this book and courageously push its sale for the benefit of the educational work. Long ago, the teachers and students in our schools should have learned to take advantage of “Christ's Object Lessons.” In selling these books the students will serve the cause of God, and while doing this by the dissemination of precious light, they will learn invaluable lessons, in Christian experience. All our schools should now come into line, and earnestly endeavor to carry out the plan presented to us for the education of the workers, for the relief of the schools, and for the winning of souls to the cause of Christ.

In the cities of Riverside, Redlands, and San Bernardino a mission field is open to us that we have as yet only touched with the tips of our fingers. A good work has been done there as far as our workers have had encouragement to do it; but there is need of means to carry the work forward successfully. It was God's purpose that by the sale of “Ministry of Healing”

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