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Loma Linda Messages, Page 269

then the people who are now being called upon to give largely of their means to support these institutions, will be free to turn a larger part of their offerings to missionary work in other needy places, where special efforts have not yet been made.

Great good will result by bringing these books to the attention of the leaders of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. We should invite these workers to our meetings, and give them an opportunity to become acquainted with our people. Place these precious books in their hands, and tell them the story of their gift to the cause, and its results. Explain how that by the sale of “Ministry of Healing” patients may be brought to the sanitarium for healing who could never get there unaided, and how through this means assistance will be rendered in the establishment of sanitariums in places where they are greatly needed. If our sanitariums were wisely managed by men and women who have the fear of God before them, they will be the means of bringing us in connection with workers in the W.C.T.U., and these workers will not be slow to see the advantage of the medical branch of our work. As a result of their contact with our medical work, some of them will learn truths that they need to know for the perfection of Christian character.

One point that should never be forgotten by our workers is that the Lord Jesus Christ is our Chief Director. He has outlined a plan by which the schools may be relieved of their indebtedness; and He will not vindicate the course of those who lay this plan aside for lack of confidence in its success. When His people will come up unitedly to the help of His cause in the earth, no good thing that God has promised will be withheld from them.

In a place like Los Angeles, where the population is constantly changing, a wonderful opportunity is presented for the sale of our books. A great loss has been sustained because our people have not more fully embraced this opportunity. Why should not teachers and students from the San Fernando school make Los Angeles a special field for the sale of “Object Lessons.” If with earnestness and faith they will work out the plan that has been given us for the use of this book, angels of God will attend their steps, and the blessing of heaven will be upon their efforts.

It would have been an excellent thing if the teachers of the San Fernando school during the vacation had availed themselves of this opportunity to push the work with “Christ's Object Lessons.” They would have found a blessing in going out with the students and teaching them how to meet the people, and how to introduce the book. The story of the gift of the book and its object, would lead some to have a special interest in the book, and in the school for which it is sold. Why have not the teachers in our schools done more of this work? If our people would only realize it, there is no more acceptable work to be done in the home field than to engage in the sale of “Christ's Object Lessons”; for while they are thus helping to carry out the Lord's plan for the relief of our schools, they are also bringing the precious truths of the word of God to the attention of the people.

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