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Loma Linda Messages, Page 274

heart. Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called, praising God in your daily conversation as well as in your prayers. Thus holding forth the word of life, you will constrain other souls to become followers of Christ.

Ellen G. White


S.-302 -'07 September 19,’07

Sanitarium, Calif.

Dr. Lillie Wood Starr, Loma Linda, Calif.:

Dear Sister Starr,

I feel very thankful that you have had the privilege of becoming better acquainted with the workers of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Our workers should make special efforts to come in touch with this organization, and to connect with the workers in the temperance cause. This will prove a great help to our own people, and also to these women workers. If the present truth is presented to them in the simplicity of godliness, they will see and accept it. We must keep close to the Lord. If we are imbued with His Spirit, the light will shine forth. It is Christ in the life that will make the truths we advocate forcible, and will lead souls to accept Him.

While many of the workers in the W.C.T.U. have heard the truth of the third angel's message, there are many more who have never had it presented to them in its fullness. These women will not be condemned for not receiving that which they have not heard. I have been shown that if the Sabbath truth is presented to these, many will accept it. We should not neglect them, or treat them as if they were opposed to the cause of present truth. By showing ourselves interested in their work of temperance, we shall open the way to give them the light we have.

We need so much to study Christ's methods of labor. He traveled continually from place to place, ministering to the temporal and spiritual needs of the multitudes that followed Him. He grasped every opportunity of presenting truth to the people, and the seeds of truth he dropped into the hearts of His hearers sprang up and brought forth fruit ...

I have been shown that we have not labored as we should for the women of the W.C.T.U. They need patient, wise, Christ-like efforts made for them. We can never do for them what God expects of us by standing apart from them to condemn. We need to give them the truth as it was revealed in the life of Jesus.

Let no one hinder you from putting forth efforts to get the Sabbath truth before this class. Show them that you desire to connect with them in their work of temperance. Draw near to them, and in your association together, show them that you have a practical faith. And they, by coming to our meetings, and being permitted to have a part in them, will learn the reasons of our faith.

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