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Loma Linda Messages, Page 275

At our campmeetings we should make special efforts to reach the unbelieving, and to let the light shine forth amid the moral darkness. Consecration meetings should be held as well as discourses given. The living truths for this time should be preached. At the Los Angeles campmeeting, opportunities should have been improved to make special efforts for the workers in the temperance cause. The tame way in which the temperance question is being handled by our people is not in harmony with the necessities of the times. The work of making known our belief in matters of temperance should now be entered into most heartily. When the W.C.T.U. workers see that we are in harmony with their temperance principles, they will be willing to listen to other points of our faith. As we present our principles on health reform, they will see that there is further light for them on the temperance question. We can bring the Sabbath truth before them.

I cannot at this time write as fully as I desire, but I urge you, my sister, to let the light of health reform shine forth in clear, bright rays. The Lord will bless you in this work as He makes your knowledge of the truth a blessing to others. Lean hard upon God; trust fully in Him; walk in humility, realizing that the Lord is your helper, and your deliverer, your front guard and your rearward.

Ellen G. White


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