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Loma Linda Messages, Page 277

I want this message to come to you before you shall make a wrong move. I do not want you to imperil your souls. Heed the message that the Lord sends, and have nothing to do with those at Battle Creek who are opposing the messages of the Spirit of God. Clear light has been given me regarding those who are thus departing from the faith.

I want you to understand that you are both in positive danger. I plead with you to break this influence that would lead you into wrong paths. It proceeds from the one who, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect. Free yourselves from the influence prevailing at Battle Creek, and place yourselves fully on the Lord's side. I do not want you to lose your souls. I beg of you to resist the devil. Make your calling and election sure. Christ gave His precious life for you. Do not let Him make this sacrifice in vain.

My brother and sister, this is a life and death question with you. As the Lord's messenger, I urge you to free yourselves from the snare of Satan, and place yourselves on the platform of eternal truth. I cannot let you take this step without warning you of your danger. If I should do this, I could not be clear before God.

The world is fast becoming as it was before the flood. Wickedness of every description is abroad in the land. Very soon the earth will be ripe for destruction. It is the time now for those who believe that Jesus is soon coming to take their stand fully on the Lord's side. I have an earnest desire that you shall stand with God's people.

I believe, Brother and Sister Nicola, that you will heed these words, and decide to connect with the Loma Linda Sanitarium. Will you not write to me as soon as you receive this, and set my mind at rest. May the Lord give you His Holy Spirit to guide and direct you, is my prayer.

Ellen G. White


B.-312-'07 Oct. 2, 1907

Elder J. A. Burden, Loma Linda, California:

Dear Brother and Sister Burden,

I have just written a letter to Brother Nicola. I have sent you a copy of this. We should use every opportunity we have to save these souls.

The apostle Jude writes, (Jude 3, 4, 20-23)

We shall have more decided opposition to meet from those who have departed from the faith. Those who were once strong teachers, but who have forsaken the way of the Lord, will be just as strong in their opposition of the truth. There is need now that our people be educated to put their trust in God alone. They must learn that their trust is not to be placed in any human

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