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Loma Linda Messages, Page 288


The Responsibilities of a Conference President

MS. -105-'07. October 10, 1907.

(Interview on Southern California Conference Matters.—Part 1.)

Report of an interview, Sabbath afternoon October 5, 1907, at the home of Mrs. E. G. White, Sanitarium, California. Present: Mrs. E.G. White, Elders G.W. Reaser, J.A. Burden, and W.C. White, and C.C. Crisler.

J.A. Burden: Brother Reaser and I came here to talk over some matters. The communications that have been sent us by you have been very stirring, very touching, and Brother Reaser, it seemed to me, was taking a somewhat wrong view of them, and I felt that others were influencing him in wrong ways concerning them. Of course, in his position, when leading men talk to him in the line that he is inclined to feel like following, it even urges him on’ and so I advised him to come and talk with you. But he did not want to come, unless I should come along with him. I had all confidence to come to headquarters, and that you would meet him here, and tell him whether there was any further light for him.

Now this is the position that is taken by a great many, concerning the communications that you have recently sent to Southern California: That the communications were written with reference to a situation that had been set before you by Brother W. C. White—that you had written communications to meet the situation, as it was represented to you by him. Now this thing has gone all through Southern California. Many brethren have taken the same position. But I said, I do not believe that is the right position at all, and so I thought that Brother Reaser could come and see you, and have the matter cleared up in his mind, so that he might know of a surety that the Lord was speaking directly, and not on a false view of a situation.

Although he and I have differed, I have confidence in Brother Reaser, that when he sees a thing right, he will take a right stand; but I have felt that he was seeing things wrong, and taking a wrong stand.

Sister White: During the past few days, I have been looking over my old diaries, and in them I find written out principles very similar to those outlined in the Testimonies sent recently

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