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Loma Linda Messages, Page 294

sanitarium was a part of the Conference work.

Sister White: If, in the beginning, he had taken hold of those things that were of such large consequence and far-reaching importance to the community all around there; if he had done all he could do to help set that sanitarium in working order, it would have been more in harmony with the ideas that God has given me, than is the course that has been pursued. The sanitarium work at Loma Linda must stand among things of first importance. The sanitarium work is that which is going to bring in and reach the highest class of people everywhere...

J.A. Burden: Then if he can see that situation, and can feel to throw his influence that way, would you see any objection to his being on the Board with us?

Sister White: Why, no, you need to counsel together, just as brethren need to counsel together, but not in an authoritative way.

G.W. Reaser: No; that is right.

Sister White: Now here is a thought—if I can get it out so you can understand it: There is all the difference in the world between a school where they are educating students, and a sanitarium that is to reach the highest classes, and that must show a prosperity in the work; for God has selected that place for us, and as He has selected it, we must harmonize with Him, and take right hold, and work for its prosperity; and yet we must guard everything so as not to have an unnecessary outlay of means.

There is a point I desire to mention before I forget it; I want to bring it out before you both, as it is this: We shall have to take a position in regard to the health food business. They are gathering in, and have gathered in, some of the very persons that are wanted to work in the cause of God. They very persons that should take hold and unite with us and become missionaries, are now bound up in the manufacture of foods; and what do they gain? How many are they converting? How many are receiving the truths of the third angel's message? Now the light that I have from God, is that, we must not encourage our people to make too much of the business of manufacturing foods; we must not do it; because it is taking, in some instances, the very flower of our youth to keep up an appearance in an establishment for the manufacture of food to set upon many tables, to feed worldlings—and how much do they gain by it?

W.C. White: As that is presented to you, do you see the factory and the workers in the factory, or the workers that have gone out to sell the foods, or the workers in the Restaurant?

Sister White: It is the whole business; it relates to the whole; some of the very persons that we ought to have in the work, as Bible missionaries, are doing a work that does not bring souls to an acquaintance with soul-saving truth.

J.A. Burden: But the simple method that you have outlined for a small plant, in connection with our institutions, to make foods for our institution, and the surrounding neighborhood—do you refer

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