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Loma Linda Messages, Page 295

to that?

Sister White: No: you want to educate the neighbors in health reform; you want the Sanitarium workers to have a proper education also. There are foods, you know, that the people are ignorant about, and they ought to be educated. Many can hardly make a good loaf of bread. But to enter into the business of manufacturing largely, is not best—only for cities or settlements around where you want your influence to tell, where you want them to see what good cookery is, etc...

The people would learn much regarding health reform, if “Ministry of Healing” were circulated widely. You can have the “Object Lessons” to use in relief work for the school, right where you are, and also the “Ministry of Healing” as a help for the sanitariums. There is to be no bondage, no territorial lines drawn, in this matter of trying to place these institutions at Loma Linda on vantage-ground.

J.A. Burden: If the brethren can all see light in the right, it is wonderful what will come. But when some are lifting up and others are pushing down, it goes hard.

Sister White: Well, that is the devil's work. He came to Christ, while the Saviour was fasting. The enemy thought that if he could take advantage of Him in His weakness, he would obtain a wonderful victory. But Christ answered him in the words of Scripture.

J.A. Burden: It throws our people into an uncertainty when our leading brethren represent, Sister White, that some one has come and talked with you; that is the influence that comes in.

Sister White: Well, it shows that they do not have much confidence in the work that God has given me to do.

J.A. Burden: In Loma Linda, and elsewhere, there are some who feel that some of the things you wrote back from Washington, two years ago, about the necessity of securing Loma Linda, were inspired by an interview that I had with you on the train as you were passing through, en route to the Conference.

Sister White: I wondered that you did not write more to me; but I knew how it was, and I feel that we should move intelligently, so that God can accept our work. The work at Loma Linda is to be carried on a high religious plane.

Ellen G. White


The Management of Conference Affairs


(Interview on Southern California Conference Matters,—Part 2.)

Report of an interview, Sunday morning, Oct. 6. 1907, in the office room of Mrs. E.G. White. Present: Mrs.

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