Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 300

G.W. Reaser: If he goes in as the manager and physician, he wants a hundred and fifty dollars a month for himself, besides board and room for himself and wife.

W.C. White: Can this matter rest until we go down there at the time of the meeting, or is it something that must be decided now?

Sister White: How much did Dr. Holden ask?

J.A. Burden: One hundred dollars a month, and thirty-three and a third percent of his surgical fees.

Sister White: And you thought that was too much, did you?

J.A. Burden: We would have been glad to pay him one hundred dollars, or even one hundred and fifty a month, but we did not feel that it was right to pay him a percentage on the surgical fees.

Sister White: Well, I do not know; I do know that one of the evils that crept in at Battle Creek, and spoiled the spirituality of men in responsibility, was the desire for higher and still higher wages. I have forgotten just how high they did climb.

W.C. White: Thirty dollars a week.

Sister White: The setting of a high price upon a man's labors, by the man himself, does not give a right representation of the self-denial of Jesus Christ; and He is our Pattern. I wrote to Dr. Kress recently regarding the matter of wages, and counselled him to be careful to set before his associates, at the very beginning of his work in Washington, an example of self-denial, so that others whose wages were not high, would not feel as if they were being wronged. The evil of high wages is liable to crop out almost anywhere; and we must keep before our brethren the self-denying example of our Pattern, Christ Jesus; for we are to be a missionary people, and many laborers are to be set at work and supported in the Lord's vineyard.


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