Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 309


Loma Linda, Calif.,

W. 360'07 Oct. 30,’07.

Mrs. Mable Workman:

My dear Granddaughter,

I have just read a letter that you wrote to your father, and will now begin a letter to you...

Last Sunday night we were on the cars, and I was unable to sleep well. The next night we spent at Loma Linda. I had a good bed, but was wakeful, and had but a short period of rest. At the early morning meeting on Tuesday, I spoke to the people. After breakfast I rode out for an hour.

Tuesday afternoon I met with the stockholders of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Their council meeting was held in the bowling alley. In coming out we had to pass through the assembly room, where there was a large audience. Brother Burden asked me to stay, as they were speaking of the work of higher education that should be carried on in medical lines, but I thought it best not to do this. After I had climbed the long flight of stairs to my room on the third floor, which was the third time for that day, I found an article that I had written about a year ago, in reference to the establishment of a school of the highest order, in which the students would not be taught to use drugs in the treatment of the sick. With this I went down stairs again, and returned to the meeting.

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