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Loma Linda Messages, Page 310

Elder Burden was reading some extracts from letters that I had written about the school work. When he had finished I read the article I had with me, which was right to the point. It spoke of the school that should be operated here at Loma Linda. Here there are wonderful advantages for a school. The farm, the orchard, the pasture land, the large buildings, the ample grounds, the beauty,—all are a great blessing. If all will now take hold intelligently of the work that should be done here, there will be success. LLM 310.1

For some weeks before this meeting I had been feeling very poorly. But the Lord has greatly blessed me here, and for this I am very thankful. The Lord has imparted to me strength as the occasion has demanded. LLM 310.2

Thursday morning, Sara came to my room, and told me it was time to go to the early meeting. I had been writing since three o'clock. I attended the meeting, and spoke for about three-quarters of an hour, and then there was a testimony meeting. I could not hear what was said, but I was told that it was an interesting meeting. In all my talks I have tried to present Christ as our wisdom, our sanctification, and our righteousness. LLM 310.3

Ellen G. White LLM 310

***** LLM 310

The Work In Southern California

MS.-127-'07 Nov. 3, 1907. LLM 310

Loma Linda, Calif., LLM 310

I have passed a wakeful night; for there have been presented to me some things connected with the past, present, and future of the work in Southern California. LLM 310.4

I have now no hesitation in speaking plainly, and in calling things by their right names. For three nights in succession, the message has been given to me that Elder Reaser, as president of this Conference, is out of his place. He should not occupy such a position in any of our conferences. He is leading some of his brethren to ignore the messages that the Lord is sending to His people. He has refused to accept the testimonies that have not harmonized with his own mind and judgement. LLM 310.5

The results of his administration will be further developed in the future. Why should men be entrusted with such grave responsibilities before they have been sufficiently proved? Elder Reaser has made the work of Elder Burden exceedingly difficult. He has worked in an underhanded manner to thwart the efforts of Brother Burden to do the work that should be done at Loma Linda. The influence of Brother Reaser has been counter to the messages of instruction that the Lord has given concerning this sanitarium. For two years this work of opposition has been carried forward. LLM 310.6

The word of the Lord in unmistakable language is that Elder Reaser should not occupy the position of a Conference president. He needs to learn some of the first lessons of what God requires LLM 310.7

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