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Loma Linda Messages, Page 311

of His people who are living amid the perils of the strong temptations of these last days. He needs to be converted, heart, soul, and mind to the truth. Self has borne rule in his plans, and he has endeavored to convert others to his own ideas. As yet there has been but a part development of his character, but if he continues in his present course it will not be long before there will be a more open opposition to the work that we have, under the direction of God, endeavored to accomplish in Southern California.

The authoritative utterances of our brother, in their commands and their forbiddings, bear not the heavenly impress. They are not inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Unless he becomes thoroughly convinced that his mind is not infallible, his future life will be characterized by a spirit of exalting whomsoever he will, and of hindering those who are not in harmony with him. In his present state of mind, he should not be entrusted with responsibilities that would give him the power to dictate to any church.

I have borne the testimony that Brother Reaser should have no control over Bro. Burden. I have borne a testimony, even in the meeting that has just been held here, that the Lord's servants are to seek their counsel from God. It is contrary to God's plan that men shall exercise arbitrary authority over their brethren. God will convince those who have felt called upon to exercise a wrong authority over their brethren, that He has not authorized them to take upon themselves such responsibilities. He has not appointed a man to take the place of God in this Conference.

The Saviour bids us pray, “Lead us not into temptation.” Our heavenly Father will lead us not into temptation. Our heavenly Father will lead His people in the paths of righteousness. The word of the Lord to the churches in this conference is: “Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Be on your guard against the efforts of the powers of darkness to resist the testimonies of God's Spirit, that are to be understood.” Actions spring from desires and purposes. God alone can discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. He weighs with unerring accuracy the very motives of the mind.

The president of the Southern California Conference needs the power to see himself as he is in the sight of God. He is as a man lost in the woods, blinded by a dangerous confidence in himself. A humbling of the soul, with earnest prayer, and a diligent study and reception of the word of God, are the means by which to overcome these peculiar temptations. The armor of truth is to be found in the word of God. Clothed in this armor, a man will be humble, not dictatorial, but a learner from the Great Teacher.

The Lord has witnessed the unnecessary hardships that have been brought upon Brother Burden. Avenues of assistance have been hedged up, and it has been made well nigh impossible to raise the money that has been needed at Loma Linda for the addition of bathrooms, and other needed facilities. There must be a change in these conditions. Relief must be given to this institution, which by the working of God in our behalf,has been brought within our reach.

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