Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda Messages, Page 326

Paradise Valley Sanitarium


National City, California,

December 1, 1907.

Elder and Mrs. J. E. White:

Dear Children,

I thank the Lord that He has sustained me on this journey. I have done much important writing. On Sabbath a week ago, and again last Sabbath, I spoke in the church at San Diego...

I am hoping and praying that I may understand my duty. It seems to me that I must remain in this section of the country until after Elder Haskell arrives, and then I may not be able to leave for some weeks to come. An important work has been begun in the vicinity of Riverside. The third year class of students at Loma Linda went over to Riverside a few weeks ago, and did their first practical work in canvassing for “Ministry of Healing.” There were eight in the class, and their object in visiting the homes of the people was more to become acquainted, and to talk of the work at Loma Linda, than it was to sell books for profit. However, in the course of their conversation, they would usually introduce “Ministry of Healing,” tell the story of the book, and then offer to sell it as a volume that contained the principles taught in the school at Loma Linda. In this way, about seventy copies of the book were placed in the homes of the people, in a little over one week; and the students made many, many friends for the work at Loma Linda. Wherever they went, they sought to leave a good impression. We believe they did a good work. They were wide awake, and full of courage in the Lord, and seem to have met with success.

The second-year class will undertake a similar work soon while the third-year class continue their studies at Loma Linda. Later on, it is hoped that some members of the first-year class can go out. Thus each of the several students in the school will assist in working Riverside. I suppose you have seen that place. It is a grand city, and the managers of Loma Linda Sanitarium are seeking to gain a foothold there by introducing, first, the “Ministry of Healing.” Afterward, they will send out students with “Christ's Object Lessons.” They will earnestly endeavor to handle these books wisely.

A similar work is to be carried on in other places besides Riverside. We are all praying that the Lord may abundantly bless these first working forces going out from the school. It means much to our Loma Linda Training School and Sanitarium, not only with regard to the good impression that they hope to make on the minds of the people, but in a financial way as well. Many new students have come in, and considerable money will be needed to care for them all, and at the same time keep up the other running expenses of the school and sanitarium. At Loma Linda there are now over a hundred under training for medical missionary work.

Oh, how anxious I am to have a small press in operation at Loma Linda, so as to print the discourses that shall be given in the surrounding cities! I have mentioned the matter to Brother

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