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Loma Linda Messages, Page 327

Henry W. Kellogg; for he has a special interest in this line of work. We need a small press for printing notices, and for bringing out in printed form, for use in surrounding cities, discourses that will be given from time to time. Now is our time to work. We expect to connect with the W.C.T.U. in some lines of service. LLM 326.5

I can not feel free to return to St. Helena until I see the work fully in running order. The Lord has given light that these cities in the San Bernardino Valley should be worked. The time has come to do this, and we are to have wise managing forces to carry the work forward intelligently ... LLM 327.1

There never was a time when we needed more to encourage faith, than at the present time; for there are perplexities on the right hand and on the left. LLM 327.2

Ellen G. White LLM 327

The Work in Southern California

MS—3—’08 LLM 327

Southern Calif. is a field that should depend more than it has upon its own resources. It should have more facilities, and should not be cramped as it has been in some respects. LLM 327.3

Southern Calif. is a missionary field, a large part of which has received but little missionary effort. Henceforth it should receive more attention. The various lines of work that can be carried on should be diligently studied, and the advantages of such cities as Redlands and Riverside, and the need of putting forth decided effort for them, faithfully investigated. LLM 327.4

Los Angeles demands constant labor because of its changing population. San Bernardino calls for earnest missionary effort. The work for all these places needs to be done by those who can adapt themselves to the needs of the field. In our work we miss the labors of Elder Simpson; but we must not leave the work undone because some of the faithful workers fall by the way. LLM 327.5

In Loma Linda we have an advantageous center for the carrying on of various missionary enterprises. We can see that it was in the providence of God that this sanitarium was placed in the possession of our people. We should appreciate Loma Linda as a place which the Lord foresaw we should need, and which He gave. LLM 327.6

The cities in the San Bernardino Valley were presented before me as places where the truth should go with power. The small printing press that Brother H. W. Kellogg has furnished should prove a blessing to the work in that part of the field, by printing publications that will be needed for the furtherance of the work in the Southern California Cities. Our publications must now be greatly multiplied. Papers and leaflets containing the best discourses preached by our ministers are to be published and scattered widely throughout the regions where meetings are being held. LLM 327.7

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